WHO – Everyone with kids! After all, just because we don’t use things anymore doesn’t mean they aren’t in good condition! Bring them in and I will total up the credit on them while you shop.

WHAT – Baby gear, kids toys, clothing from newborn to teen sizes & maternity wear. Must be clean and all gear needs to have batteries in them to make sure everything works properly. If you make homemade things and want to sell them at the store please contact me and we can arrange to meet and see the items!

WHERE – Bring items to the shop located @ 28112 SE Hwy 212 Boring, OR 97009

WHEN – The best time to bring in items for trade is one season before they are appropriate. So if you have a bundle of Fall clothing, you will get the best credit for them in late Summer.  Likewise, I may have little to no need for Summer clothing in early Fall. Other than that, please try and have items in the store for trade at least an hour before closing so I have time to sort with you there.

WHY – My prices are between 40 & 90% cheaper than local retailers. Why purchase new when I have thousands of things to choose from that your kids will love! We keep a register of special request items so if you are searching for something in particular please let us know and we will contact you when we get your item in.

A last note about in store credit – you can use your credit on anything seen displayed in the store. Gear, toys, homemade items, new and used clothing. Our one rule  is that IF YOU DO NOT USE CREDIT THE DAY IT IS RECEIVED IT WILL ONLY BE VALID FOR 30 DAYS THEREAFTER. Please keep this in mind as you shop! Thank you!